Jay Latta
Jay Latta

About us:
Jay Latta has been designing and hand crafting custom pieces of jewelry in his Capitola Village shop since 1976.
Joined by his son Atticus in 2003, the Latta’s continue with their commitment to making one of a kind hand made pieces of art, meant to be worn and cherished for generations to come.

About our jewelry:

The majority of jewelry is created in 14k yellow and 14k white gold, With the use of natural stones such as diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald.
18k gold, platinum and silver are also used in many designs as well more exotic materials such as meteorite, fossilized tusk and horn, teeth and bone.
The majority of our designs can be created with the customer’s choice of metal, stones, and customized to suit varying tastes.


Custom Jewelry Design